Each year, the Middlesex County 200 Club hosts an Awards Banquet Honoring our county public service personnel. On May 25, 2016, we hosted the 43rd Annual Banquet.

Honoring Middlesex County Public Service Personnel and Trooper Werner Foerster #2608

E.O.W. May 2, 1973

In memory of:

Trooper Anthony A. Raspa # 7425
E.O.W. May 30, 2015

E.M.T. Hinal K. Patel – North Stelton Fire Rescue Spotswood Emergency Medical Service
Last Call July 25, 2015

Chief Gerald Celecki – Middlesex County Fire Police
Last Alarm October 14, 2015

Ex-Chief Thomas J. Kolarick – Keasbey Fire Department
Last Alarm November 11, 2015